If you are confused by the chaos in DER communications protocols, we can help.

GridEdge Intelligence is a service created by QualityLogic for the leaders investigating/implementing one or more of the standard application protocols designed for communications with DER and Loads at the grid edge.

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Making Sense of DER Chaos

The incorporation of grid edge components – e.g., DERs and loads – is driving the industry to solve the grid edge interoperability challenge.  A challenge that is only increasing as scope and scale of DER resources grows.  

The industry is stepping up to the problem in a chaotic, marginally coordinated way.  There are different interest groups (utilities, vendors, regulators, researchers, etc), solving different aspects of grid edge interoperability in a growing, chaotic landscape of institutions, regulators, standards organizations, industry and special-interest alliances, government programs, etc.

A missing element is an up-to-date, reliable and actionable information resource about the application protocols themselves – from a creditable source. Information such as who is adopting a protocol for what applications; where is technical training available; what help is there for developers, etc.

GridEdge Intelligence will be filling that gap.  The initial focus of the service if on the application level protocols for the grid edge – e.g., OpenADR, DNP3, IEC 61850, IEEE 2030.5, etc. – as opposed to the transport layer protocols (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Wi-SUN, etc.).

Get an Overview

The starting point for any protocol investigation is to understand the big picture. Who creates and manages the protocol? When and why was it created? Where can you get a copy? Is there an industry alliance implementing and certifying it? What is the protocol’s purpose, design, application focus? Who is adopting it?

Get High-level or Deep Training

For those regulators debating whether to mandate a specific protocol; or for those utilities trying to specify the use of a protocol; or for those vendors implementing it, basic and advanced education are critical to making informed decisions. Where is education and training available for a protocol? What does it cover? What does it cost? GridEdge Intelligence will include all the education and training that we can identify for each protocol.

Find Out Who is Adopting and Why

Only a few states/countries and utilities can afford the risks of being first. While a new protocol may be exactly what is needed, if no one is using it then vendors are not implementing it and the inevitable interoperability issues have not been resolved. GridEdge Intelligence aims to provide up-to-date information on who is actually mandating, adopting and implementing a protocol – and for what applications.  

Help for Developers

For those actually implementing a protocol, you can do it the hard way by reading the specification and starting to code. But there is likely an easier way – i.e., open source or proprietary code to start with; development tools; test tools and more. GridEdge Intelligence will include all those resources we can identify along with URLs and contacts to help developers jump start their journey.

Interoperability in the Real World

The fastest way to develop an interoperable eco-system of users and vendors off a protocol is to implement a rigorous test and certification program. For each of the protocols in GridEdge Intelligence, we’ll provide detailed information on such a program if it exists. For example, we'll answer questions such as who owns and manages it; what does it cover; is it self-certification of 3rd party test labs, etc. And for developers, we’ll provide information or links to details about how to get certified for each of the protocols.

Advisory Board

Bill Colavecchio, UL
Tom Tansy, SunSpec Alliance
Rolf Bienert, OpenADR Alliance
Chris Knudsen, CK Knudsen & Associates
Mike Bourton, Kitu Systems
Rich Scholer, Chrysler
Stuart McCafferty, GridIntellect
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Julia Smith

Easy to Find Protocol Information

GridEdge Intelligence is designed around the user’s need to find relevant information on a specific protocol quickly and easily. The navigation presents the major topics for a protocol and a consistent presentation of the topic information. There is no other resource that assembles all the information in such a way.

Biased Towards Standard Protocols

One of the challenges in finding good information is that almost all sources have a vested interest in some form. Alliances for a standard are obviously promoting that standard and are reluctant to share negative information while vendors generally attempt to promote their own proprietary communications solution as superior to any standard. GridEdge Intelligence is biased: biased towards the use of international standards and biased towards accurate, objective information.

News Flashes and Digests

GridEdge Intelligence will provide a periodic digest of news about the covered standards including news like new standard updates, announcement of a certification program, new tools for development and testing, and protocol focused events. News of a regulatory mandate for a standard might be issued as a news flash along with announcements of pilot projects aimed at researching or demonstrating specific protocols.

Extracting Protocol News From all the Noise

Pulling out the relevant protocol information from an article, announcement, conference paper, etc., is challenging for individuals. That’s what GridEdge Intelligence will do: if a regulatory proceeding covers multiple topics, one of them being a protocol mandate, we’ll pull that information and focus on what exactly it is and what it means for our subscribers.

Webinars and Workshops for Subscribers

Where can you get an in-depth comparison of DNP3 and IEC 61850 or OpenADR and IEEE 2030.5? Or where can you get a concise explanation of how IEEE 1547-2018 is likely to impact the adoption of DNP3 and IEEE 2030.5 for DER management? With our Advisors, contributors and network of key people in each protocol, GridEdge Intelligence will host informational webinars unavailable anywhere else.

In-depth Analysis and Opinion

A major challenge for grid edge protocols is achieving real interoperability. If a standard has an associated certification program, how can you assess its interoperability results? As we’ve seen over the years, not all certifications equally effective. If a standard is being implemented, how interoperable are the implementations? Can you specify a standard and expect all “certified” products to simply plug and play? The answers depend and GridEdge Intelligence aims to not only collect good data but to offer interpretations and suggestions based on real-world experience with a standard.


The initial GridEdge Intelligence website and service is a prospectus on what we are developing. It includes a description of what the service will be, a timeline for the initial roll-out of Phase 2 (one complete protocol information database) and a specification of the initial 6 protocols for coverage. Early subscribers get a discount (effective for the first year of the full service) and, as importantly, let us know that what we are planning is valuable.

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GridEdge Intelligence Startup

Develop GEI website structure by October
Recruit initial Advisors

Phase 1: GridEdge Intelligence Debut

Prospectus website made public in October
Formal announcement at SPI Virtual Trade Show
Start GEI promotion: sign up those interested in subscribing
Publish schedule and ask for additional feedback
Founding Subscriber discounted price = $150/year

Phase 2: Initial Protocol Coverage

Complete IEEE 2030.5 in November
Structure and basic information on 5 additional protocols
Add Advisors and Contributors
Ask for additional feedback
Founding Subscriber discounted price = $150/year

Phase 3: Full Website – 6 Protocols

Complete in Q1 2021
Start webinar series for Subscribers
Subscriber price = $250/year
Ask for feedback on Phase 3 content and future evolution

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If you are interested in contributing to GridEdge Intelligence, we are looking for protocol experts to manage and update each protocol covered by GEI. Funding available for key contributors. Contact us at jmater@qualitylogic.com.